About us

Regardless of your age, lifestyle or needs the Vitality Laser Spa expert staff will cater a specialized treatment plan for you to transform into the person you have always desired to become.
We customize every treatment program so that every client receives the results they are striving for. From eliminating unwanted hair, to slimming stubborn fat deposits in addition to relaxing wrinkles and restoring a youthful glow, our state of art services successfully address a multitude of issues.
Our team of board certified professionals combines years of experience and training with a genuine commitment to helping you look and feel your best with pampering, high performance, and no down time.

Miriam Sinovetz

General Manager


Dr. Dissick

Medical Director


Sheila Nahari

Clinical Aesthetician
Laser Specialist


Dr. Bruce Stratt

We are proud to Introduce our new Associated Dr. Bruce Stratt spa@vitalitylaserspa.com