Hands Rejuvenation

Hands Rejuvenation

Want younger, smoother Hands?

Just as in our faces, as we age, our hands lose volume. Most of our aging hands also have significant sun damage, leading to significant sun and age spots.

If you have hands that are wrinkled and covered with age spots, don’t worry – it’s incredibly common among older women. In fact, hands are the first place where signs of aging appear. This makes sense if you consider how often hands are exposed to the elements – just think of how many times you wash your hands a day, and how often you apply sunblock and hand cream to yours hands (you probably don’t, if you’re like most people).

You should apply sunblock to your hands, just like the rest of your exposed areas, before going out into the sun. This will help prevent hands from forming wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. Because you use your hands for virtually everything, it’s important to moisturize them daily.

The same treatments that lead to amazing, natural-looking, anti-aging results in our faces can be used on the hands. Laser treatments can improve the discoloration and sun spots that most of us have on our aging hands also improving skin texture and tightening up the crepiness and loose skin we have when our hands begin to lose volume. There are a variety of treatments now available to address each individual need. Skin texture, color, age spots and some dark spots may be improved with a variety of lasers and other procedures. We offer a complementary consultation.

Our professional laser specialist will tailor your hand rejuvenation treatment to achieve your expectations.