September 5, 2014

Vitality and Balance: 10 things about your Chakra System

Take care of yourself! We all say it to our clients, but how many of us do it? Making yourself a priority can feel selfish or […]
December 5, 2014

Get the fabulous glowing on your skin on this holiday season!

Vitality Laser Spa offers you an amazing European Facial, Face Lymphatic Massage and Microdermabrasion all in one price! A European facial is a cleansing skin treatment […]
January 21, 2015

5 Refreshing Spa Water Recipes

If you’re trying to lose weight, an easy place to start is to look at what you’re sipping. A 2007 report published in Obesity Research found […]
February 14, 2015

Lifestyle Changes That Make You Look Younger

                   Look younger now! You can’t stop time, you can turn back the clock to achieve more youthful-looking hair, hands, and skin. All you need […]