It's never been a better time to be a wellness/beauty entrepreneur. The industry is one of the most prevalent places for women to self-start their way to big-time success.

Be a part of the rapidly growing $17.5 billion Wellness and Spa industry! The trends are very positive for aesthetics health and wellness franchises as more and more people are becoming health conscious. This means franchises for wellness spa products are on the rise. Also, the baby-boomer and "early" Senior population are increasingly becoming active and looking for health and wellness options. Enjoy the ever-present demand for wellness, health & aesthetics products and services by being part of the Vitality Spa Franchise group.

Vitality Spa is leading the industry with groundbreaking new spa formats, services, & packages. Our spas attract the loyal, sophisticated clientele that expect the best in their beauty & body maintenance services. We have set ourselves apart in the industry with our iconic branding & a full-service, spa experience.

Wellness is about making healthy lifestyle choices and maintaining one’s well-being both physically and mentally. In recent years, more people have begun to recognize the importance of wellness – a trend which has seen the value of the industry increase year-on-year.

Global Spa Services Market projects that the market would reach $154.6 billion by 2022. Medical spa is expected to register the fastest growth, during 2016-2022. Spa services refer to a collective term assigned for various services such as skin rejuvenation, laser treatments, body treatment, body massage, facials and others provided under expert administrations that revitalizes the brain and body.

Vitality Spa Franchise is positioned to be a leader in this huge and growing industry.

Advantages of opening a Vitality Spa franchise
  • Experience of more than 11 years in the Market
  • Structure of the company ready
  • Low risk investment
  • Fast return
  • Operating system ready
  • Training in Portuguese, English or Spanish for the team
  • Transfer of Know-How with a lot of experience in all areas

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